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I started to have reflexology for severe back pains with Effie, a few years ago which was helping a lot. Not long after Effie was noticing that my certain points on my feet didn't feel right, after I got a check up done, I was diagnosed with Endometriosis.
I continued my sessions with Effie and have found that whenever she does the reflexology on me, I feel so good afterwards, my body detoxes and it helps a lot with my pains and I have also found it great for sleep problems. I continued with reflexology in between and after my surgeries and I can say with confidence that this helped my healing process a lot.
I always say Effie has 'magic hands' because you will instantly notice a difference in your health when you start reflexology with her. I have been to other people, but no one can compare to her skills and most importantly the care she has for her clients. She always makes sure she gives you the best care and I also enjoy the Reiki she did for me, I found it very relaxing.

Elysha Huckfield

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